About Our Milk

Our milk is exceptional in flavor.  We believe that the ambience of the fresh ocean breezes and our warm, sun-baked meadows contribute to the richness of our goat’s milk.   Our genuine care, concern and affection for each doe provide contentment creating a unique flavor.


Milk Care

We are very conscious of cleanliness: a lot of hand washing! We milk our goats by hand, washing each goat’s udder before milking.  Milk is strained immediately in the barn, then re-strained and chilled in the house. We keep it at 34 degrees F° until delivered.  When we make cheese, the milk goes right into the sterilized pot and cultures are added.  For kefir, the fresh milk is poured right into the glass jars with the kefir buds. The milk for yogurt is heated gently for incubating with yogurt starters so there’s no time lapse between goat and product. We use stainless steel equipment for all milk handling. We make our natural healthy products with pride.


Finance History

I believe our first year we made no income whatsoever, but by our second we proudly earned  $1/day for the whole family’s labor! We were committed to our dream! By last year we brought in $30,000 from goat shares, selling kids, fees for breeding, and renting goats for eating brush. But our feed costs were high and after expenses, we earned at most $1,000 per month for the combined labor of my two children and I. This “business” is a gift of love to our share families and our goats.

We are committed to tending our herd, and ask God to use our milk to nourish and heal those of you who find us in our small corner of this beautiful earth we share.


Goat Shares

Each milking goat is divided into ten ‘Ownership Shares’ (hereinafter simply called  “Shares”). We only sell two Shares in each goat, and retain eight Shares for the right of control and ownership of her offspring.  This year we are expecting 20 does milking, so as the milk comes in above the kids’ needs, we will be doing that delicate balancing act between selling shares and anticipating the milk supply throughout the milking season.

Each year we are able to provide from 20-50 families with the goat’s bounty. As a shareholder, you can receive your share’s proportion of goat’s milk either directly from the farm or via our deliveries. There is a one-time-only $20 Share buy-in, which buys your goat share for as long as you like to retain the ownership.