Our Story

My name is Lynn Selness. Our story began when I conceived my first child 39 years ago. I was very young and I was awed by the miracle of life within me. I dreamed of nourishing my daughter with the fruits of my own hands. I planted my first garden and bought my first goat. I grew up a city girl so this was a great adventure! I’ve been milking goats ever since to raise my seven healthy children. I love our goats and their milk passionately. Our lives have become richly entwined.

When we moved to California, we brought two milking does, a flock of chickens, dogs, cats, birds, and our family of thirteen in our caravan! In  2000, our Nubian doe birthed  twin girls and  we moved  onto  our own  land. In  2002, those three goats birthed seven more females, no males! God gave me a milking herd and it seemed a sign we should keep them all and start sharing our healthy milk with others. Actually, I just fell in love with those sweet goats and needed you all to help me raise them! So that’s when our idea of a goat share program was birthed!

At present I operate Summer Meadows Farm with the help of my two youngest children, Forest and Meadow. My dream has always been to have a small community caring for the goats and gardening together. We are so grateful to be growing with more helping hands joining us. Interns also visit the farm eager to learn about living in harmony with the animals that share their lives with us.

Our Belief

At Summer Meadows Farm, we believe there is beauty and dignity in each animal. We care well for our goats and gratefully receive the affection and bounty they return.  We honor and support nature’s idea of goats living as a herd, resulting in amazing glimpses of their interactions.